Dangers of Tap Water and Need for a Water Filter

Dangers of Tap Water and Need for a Water Filter
August 3, 2016 Comments Off on Dangers of Tap Water and Need for a Water Filter Plumbing Susan Burnett

DSCN7590Drinking water is a vital part of our lives, and our health depends on each one of us drinking water that is free from contaminants. Lead and other contaminants have been found in water in the United states, so we need to write something about this. Contaminants found in drinking water in America are many, and we are going to talk a little bit about the benefits of having a whole house water filter at home too.
Dangers of Tap Water and Need for a Water Filter

Lead Issues
Lead can damage your brain, and that´s an important reason to keep this contaminant away from tap water as much as you can. In fact, 61 members of our honorable Congress want the EPA to lower its standard for lead in any drinking water in the States so it can reflect truly the latest science on this topic. The EPA has to act quickly because lead can be found in water in the United States. This situation can put your kids at risk right away. In fact, lead is a health issue in this country.
Lead is a problem in this nation as many samples were taken by the federal government exceed the current lead standard. For instance, many samples exceed a lead level of fifteen parts per billion. So water systems have to take action so a reduction in the contamination level can be possible down the road.
Benefits of Water Filtration Systems
– Water filtration systems will provide water with a better taste. – Water will smell better because a water filtration system will remove chlorine and many other bacterial contaminants.- A point-of-use water filter will remove the dangerous lead from your drinking water just prior to consumption preventing this substance from entering your body.- You will be able to save a lot of money by purchasing a water filtration system because you will not have to spend an arm and leg on bottled water.- A water filtration system will reduce the risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer as well as bladder cancer.
As you can see, drinking water in America is in danger right now. Members of Congress have raised a red flag about lead in tap water in the United States, and this fact is something to worry about. However, a water filtration system will allow you to fight contaminants in the water right away, and you will reap tons of rewards if you take advantage of these systems down the road.

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