Things You Need to Know About Basement Remodeling

Things You Need to Know About Basement Remodeling
July 4, 2016 Comments Off on Things You Need to Know About Basement Remodeling Interior Design Susan Burnett

vjND8dW1The most logical solution to make is to make use of unfinished areas in the house like basements or attics. A basement remodeling can be a very cost-effective way of utilizing unused spaces in the house and convert them into a practical living space. According to expert home builders, this type of project can also increase a home’s inherent value by turning a previously useless space into something great for family use, recreation, home office use, or any other practical uses that a homeowner can think of with this additional space.

The Many Possibilities Available with Basement Remodeling

Aside the more obvious result of getting additional usable space from basement remodeling, homeowners can think of a whole variety of possibilities that they can do with this additional space. It is important that homeowners know beforehand what they are planning to do with this additional space so that their designers and contractors can streamline their work in accordance to this goal. The following are some of these possibilities that homeowners can discuss with their home builders.

* A multi-functional basement is a great possibility and choice to make. The basement can be divided into sections each with each own function and allocation. Examples of sections include a games area, an audio/video section, a children’s den or even a bar.

* The basement can also be sectioned and designed as guest’s quarters. These can have small rooms plus an additional bathroom. Guests can stay there when there is a need to sleep over, or teenaged children can move down from their shared rooms with other younger siblings.

* A basement room can also be converted into a home office space or a workshop for crafts and hobbies. It can be used as an audiovisual room or a computer area for your home network. The possibilities are only bounded by what you can think of.

Things to Consider with Basement Remodeling

before jumping in and taking action with your basement remodeling project, it would be wise to pause for a moment and take these few considerations into account first. The first and most important thing to consider is whether your basement is fit for remodeling or not. The area might be infested with molds or severely affected with water damage that heavy remediation and restoration work should be done first.

In such cases, it is quite imperative that the area to be checked first for leaks, cracks, and fissures where water and moisture can seep through. The walls and flooring may need extensive waterproofing work done or there may be serious structural repairs required before any additional basement remodeling work can be done.

In several cases, ductwork, pipe work, and other household facilities run or pass through the basement. If this is the case, make sure that there would be enough headroom for people to walk through before you even decide on initiating remodeling work. You can relocate these ductworks if you have the budget for it or you can have a customized ceiling for your basement room that will work around the ductwork or even take them into the design.

The last consideration to take before you initiate your basement remodeling project is to inform your home insurance agent and work out a modification in your policy. There would be additional costs but you can be prepared for any untoward eventualities usually associated with basements like sewage backup or water damage.

Basement remodeling can increase the utilization of your home so the homeowner and his household can truly enjoy the benefits and amenities from their abode. It is truly a wise investment to make that will not only add to the home’s inherent value but also to improve the comfort and way of life for its inhabitants.

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